Ghost Powder

Ghost Powder is a result of a lifetime of hunting and trapping that has spanned close to 30 years for founder Cody Lee.

In the beginning, attractants, lurers, baits and cover scents were for the most part home made secret concoctions and techniques used were both learned and passed down from family members, friends or mentors.

Being a successful trapper and hunter was his passion from youth. Discovering new tactics of attracting the wylies of predators and game animals while concealing human odors became the keys to success. Because in the beginning, harvesting game animals and trapping fur bearing animals was both a source of extra income and a valuable food source for the family. Trapping and bagging hundreds of fur bearing animals while consistently harvesting white-tale deer and wild boar year after year including several boone and crockett, and pope and young quality animals from areas not traditionally known for giant deer became the fuel for the hunting passion. About 20 years ago, the fur market changed leaving very dismal fur prices in its wake. It was at this time most of the attention was turned to hunting deer. Taking what was learned from trapping to attracting game animals.

Experimenting with biotanical extracts, root, grain, salts and mineral millings to assist in harvesting deer. Ghost Powder was born after nearly two decades of real life, no-fence, wild deer hunting. It is important to remember deer possess learned memories and adhere to instinctive habits that trigger responses to both food and fear. That's why Ghost Powder Products focuses on the balance of introducing attractants at aroma levels deer and other game are comfortable with. No attractant will produce favorable responses from every deer, however Ghost Powder has been tested from Texas to the Carolinas, throughout the Midwest and the plains by professional hunters with amazing results. Ghost powder will increase deer foraging and deer activity in your area when applied. Plain and simple - Increasing deer activity means increasing your chance at that "Ghost Buck" of a lifetime.

Hunting and trapping has been my passion for as longer than I can remember. I pass these secrets on to you in the form of Ghost Powder products and hope you enjoy the success they bring as much as me and my family.

Cody Lee
Founder, Ghost Powder Products

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