Ghost Powder

  • "Ghost Powder is great! Never seen a better attractant... literally have seen deer fighting over it within hours of first application."

    ProStaffer - Kevin Strictland

    Kevin has used Ghost Powder in several states with the same amazing results.

  • "Ghost Powder works. Poured it out and harvested this buck it is that simple."

  • Another great buck harvested by Todd cast while using Ghost Powder. "Ghost Powder works. Deer love it. It is amazing!"

  • "Put Ghost Powder out in a new spot last night at 6pm. Look how fast they found it!!!!"

  • "Poured out Ghost Powder and harvested this booner buck a day later - this product works!!"

  • Application is easy just pour it out over a 50-75 sq ft area.

  • "I had my son apply it over a 50' or so area early in the day ? this is the result - 150", 8 point 20" spread. Amazing!!!"

  • This is a nice buck brought in with Ghost Powder. Within 24 hours of first application ranch foremen said they are seeing bucks they have never seen before on this ranch after they started using Ghost Powder.

  • Without Ghost Powder(top pic).
    With Ghost Powder.(bottom pic)

    "Would not believed it without seeing it I went from seeing no deer during daylight to being over run in only a couple of days i to have wasted money on other products and was very skeptical but seeing is. Really believing. I'm hooked - Ghost Powder is the real deal!"

    Josh Langle. Texas Hunter

  • "Incredible. Only 2 hours after applying Ghost Powder. I harvested this doe while it was standing in it. Great stuff!"

  • "This is her first deer. Quick success hunting with Ghost Powder."

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